Eiichi Kite (木手英一, Kite Eiichi), also known as Kiteretsu is the main protagonist of the Kiteretsu Daihyakka series. He is an elementary school student who loves to invent tools and devices on his own and use them to help people in trouble. He is often seen wearing glasses and a red sports visor. He is very intelligent and always get A grade in school. He has a striking resemblance to Nobita in Doraemon but he is completely different.

He claims to be the descendent of a famous Japanese scientist of ancient period called Kiteretsu Saisama. He has invented many gadgets like the Time Machine (which can only go to past and not future but (it went to future once)), Small Light, and Magic Umbrella. He has a crush on Miyoko, a neighborhood girl, who happens to be his friend and whom he will marry in the future.Kiteretsu love Miyoko and Miyoko love Kiteretsu too. His best friend is Korosuke, a robot invented by him. His other friends are Kumada Kaourou popularly called Butagorira, a local bully;Kōji Tongari, a rich boy; and Benzou a ronin, who failed to enter the Takao University a record 6 times, but who is very helpful.

Father is Eitarō Kite, mother is Michiko Kite. Kiterestu Saisama (ancestor). Friends are Miyoko Nonohana (love interest/future wife), Kaoru Kumada, Kouji Tongari, Benzō Karino.

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