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Korosuke (コロ助) (Koro Assistance) is one of the main protagonists of the Kiteretsu Daihyakka series. He is a robot created by Kiteretsu and can speak, behave and has emotions like normal human beings. He carries a small sword with him and usually ends his sentence with ~nari, in the Japanese version. He is shown to be a naive and extremely stupid character. He helps Kiteretsu in his inventions even though most of his inventions fail because of him. He has a striking resemblance to Doraemon but his attributes are like those of Nobita.

He is known to be bullied by Kumada and Tongari, In spite of various drawbacks in him he is got a heart of gold and is willing to help anyone. He is also a bed-wetter and request Kiteretsu to keep it a secret. He shown to love croquettes.Korosuke is a playable character in dotabata party.Even though his is friends with kiteretsu,Korosuke makes friends outside of his series.Korosuke takes Chimpui as his highest regard and best friend according to dotabata party wiki.Kurosuke has a sister who is friends with Chimpui's cousin,Her name is Purosuke. Purosuke is Korosuke's pink,beautiful and sensitive sister.Purosuke is best friends with Chimpui's cousin Wimpui and share good friendship and wisdom with each other.Purosuke always looks after her naive and extremely stupid brother.She has her own magna unlike Korosuke.Purosuke loves big G's singing in dotabata party along with Korosuke,but she doesn't like too much of Big G's singing in the mini game "Big G's big concert!".Purosuke appeared in a crossover episode of Kiteresu Daihyakka.She is spending the day with her brother Korosuke while his owner goes out for a while.Korosuke wants to have time alone,but Purosuke wants to spend time with her brother.The only way Kourosuke would have some 'me time' was to trick her sister into playing a game of hide and seek and hide in the closet with his mouth shut.However,Korosuke gave himself away because he was snoring and his sister heard him.Purosuke stated in response that she loves her brother and she will always look after him when he is alone.Korosuke is also Doraemon's cousin,just like Chimpui being Dorami's cousin.

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